Web Audio isn’t here to replace Pro Audio

I LOVE Web Audio. It’s one of the most fun things in the browser right now. But doing more and more stuff with it, I came to realize that there are three limits that prevent this technology from making traditional pro audio software obsolete, at least at the moment: Memory limit When I open a big session in… Continue reading Web Audio isn’t here to replace Pro Audio

WAV Builder

I made another little tool after CAAT, the WAV Builder. This time it’s not about testing filter algorithms, but synthesizing waveforms which are then rendered and saved as a WAV file. It helps me sometimes to test stuff. If it should help you too, that’s great! WAV Builder uses the great Recorder.js. https://webaudiotech.com/sites/wav-builder

Getting EBU R128 on the web

I hate squashed and over-compressed music. It leads to ear-fatigue quickly, is often distorted and sounds dull and low-fi compared to dynamic music. And although the Loudness War apparently is over, there’s still the need for proper loudness metering, so that people don’t fall into the trap of making their music too loud and destroy the liveliness of… Continue reading Getting EBU R128 on the web


Plex was my first baby. It was one of my first attempts to do something webby-appy that is more than a static HTML page or a site underlaid by some CMS that does all the tricks for you. It was developed by the time that the first early Web Audio implementations shipped with Chrome. The UI… Continue reading Plex

Hello world!

Hi there! So from now on, I’ll be here. This blog is called WebAudioTech because it will be about the web, audio, web audio, technology, audio technology and web audio technology. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? These are topics that I have cared about quite a while now. My purpose is to give you, dear… Continue reading Hello world!

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