Should your web audio app have a limiter?

Did you come across digital clipping in web audio apps? I certainly did several times (mostly in my own apps though). This undesired effect occurs when you play several sound sources at the same time, which results in a signal that is louder than the maximum of 0 dBFS. Since a digital system is unable to… Continue reading Should your web audio app have a limiter?


I just wanted to mention that I did this thing called Beatsketch last year. It lets you make music on the web without having to know much about making music. BeatSketch from Sebastian Zimmer is a collaborative music production tool that Sebastian developed for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. A song consists of multiple… Continue reading Beatsketch

Emoji Piano

Has anybody created an emoji keyboard that’s actually a piano keyboard for writing musical notation? Wanted a quick way to tweet a melody. — AudioGrains (@AudioGrainsBlog) 5. Januar 2016 Inspired by @AudioGrains tweet, I made this little Emoji Piano. Emoji Piano lets you create simple melodies and encodes them with Unicode emojis which you can… Continue reading Emoji Piano

Chilling inside a giant Lissajous curve with WebVR

Lissajous curves are fun. And who doesn’t dream of standing right inside one all the time? The boys from Tame Impala certainly do, because some of their concert’s light shows consisted of little else than Lissajous curves: When I was at one of their shows, I actually saw how they put a camera in front of an old analogue oscilloscope… Continue reading Chilling inside a giant Lissajous curve with WebVR

Moog & Monark

I fell in love with synthesized bass sounds when listening for the first time to Joan as Police Woman’s performance of Holy Fire on Later: After that I enthusiasticly tried to recreate this sound with the awesome Moog emulator Monark by Native Instruments. Monark comes already with some quite good presets. Here you can download the one I… Continue reading Moog & Monark

XML in the browser

Currently, I’m doing some XML manipulation and transformation in the web browser. I have encountered some obstacles, tips and thoughts that I want to share with you.

I bought a record at HDtracks

I bought a record at HDtracks to see if it has any benefits in contrast to CD-like audio files at a sample rate of 44,1 kHz and a bit depth of 16. I want to share my findings with you.