Uni Köln Campus with VR View

Boris Smus and Google have released another great little helper for putting VR content on the web: VR View.

VR Views allow you to embed 360 degree VR media into websites on desktop and mobile, and native apps on Android and iOS.

Source: https://developers.google.com/cardboard/vrview

I tried it out today during a coffee break. I captured a “photosphere” of Cologne’s university campus with the Cardboard Camera App on a Samsung Galaxy S7. This is due to the fact that Germans apparently do not have access to the default Google Camera in the Play Store.

Google Camera

Here you can see the suboptimal first version. I just used the captured image as source for the VR View.

I quickly realized that the Cardboard Camera pictures do not necessarily contain all of the sky and the bottom of a point in space. It probably depends on the focal length of your phone camera too.
So I adjusted the image by the ratio recommended on the specification page (2:1) by adding two black bars at top and bottom of the panorama image. The result was a lot better, although some parts are missing:

If you do not have a VR headset at hand, click on the button in the bottom right corner to activate full screen display.

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