Der Ton beim Tatort ist NICHT schlecht! Er ist zu gut!

Im Netz mehren sich die Beschwerden bezüglich einer vermeintlich schlechten Tonqualität beim Tatort:

Nun fordert Prof. Ingo Kock, Dekan der Fakultät Ton an der Filmuniversität Potsdam-Babelsberg, dass 70-Jährige den Tatort-Ton abmischen. Dabei gibt es auch andere Lösungen.


Uni Köln Campus with VR View

Boris Smus and Google have released another great little helper for putting VR content on the web: VR View.

VR Views allow you to embed 360 degree VR media into websites on desktop and mobile, and native apps on Android and iOS.


I tried it out today during a coffee break. I captured a “photosphere” of Cologne’s university campus with the Cardboard Camera App on a Samsung Galaxy S7. This is due to the fact that Germans apparently do not have access to the default Google Camera in the Play Store.

C# Unity VR

SonicSphere – my first Gear VR App

I finally got my very first VR headset this weekend, a Gear VR. Since I needed a new cellphone and liked Samsung’s idea of getting a Gear VR with your Galaxy S7 for free, I decided to go for it.

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Interview with Paul Adenot, Web Audio Spec Editor

If you are anything like me, you are curious about the current state and the future of Web Audio. So I asked one of the Web Audio API spec editors, Mozilla’s Paul Adenot, if I could shoot some questions. He said sure, and was so kind to take some time and answer them elaborately. Here are his answers, stuffed with lots of useful information.

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Should your web audio app have a limiter?

Did you come across digital clipping in web audio apps? I certainly did several times (mostly in my own apps though). This undesired effect occurs when you play several sound sources at the same time, which results in a signal that is louder than the maximum of 0 dBFS. Since a digital system is unable to reproduce higher amplitudes, you will hear nasty distortion and get an unworthy waveform looking like this:

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I just wanted to mention that I did this thing called Beatsketch last year. It lets you make music on the web without having to know much about making music.

BeatSketch from Sebastian Zimmer is a collaborative music production tool that Sebastian developed for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. A song consists of multiple tracks, and each track is backed by a grid-based sequencer. Any changes you make are synchronised between connected collaborators immediately. It also supports mixing the final song down to a WAV file for downloading. An impressive set of features and a very useful exploration of possible methods of implementing collaborative working.

Chris Lowis on Web Audio Weekly #43

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Emoji Piano

Inspired by @AudioGrains tweet, I made this little Emoji Piano.

Emoji Piano lets you create simple melodies and encodes them with Unicode emojis which you can share and tweet.

beethoven emoji


Chilling inside a giant Lissajous curve with WebVR

Lissajous curves are fun. And who doesn’t dream of standing right inside one all the time? The boys from Tame Impala certainly do, because some of their concert’s light shows consisted of little else than Lissajous curves:

When I was at one of their shows, I actually saw how they put a camera in front of an old analogue oscilloscope in a corner of the stage to capture them.

WebVR now makes it possible to fully immerse in these curves.

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Wiring up WebAudio with WebVR


THREE.js developer Mr.doob has posted an important comment on this.


WebVR matters. And the great WebVR Boilerplate by Boris Smus allows to get started with it immediately.

Playing around with it, I got the idea to use the Web Audio API to spatialize the sound of an object within the matrix, so that a person wearing a headphone could not only see, but also hear where an object is located.

Since the Web Audio API is great, you can do that with ease.


Building a kitchen radio from your old phone

Inspired by this article (German), I decided to build a kitchen radio from my old cell phone and some car speaker last year. Here’s how it turned out, combined with an instruction.