Chilling inside a giant Lissajous curve with WebVR

Lissajous curves are fun. And who doesn’t dream of standing right inside one all the time? The boys from Tame Impala certainly do, because some of their concert’s light shows consisted of little else than Lissajous curves:

When I was at one of their shows, I actually saw how they put a camera in front of an old analogue oscilloscope in a corner of the stage to capture them.

WebVR now makes it possible to fully immerse in these curves.
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Plex was my first baby. It was one of my first attempts to do something webby-appy that is more than a static HTML page or a site underlaid by some CMS that does all the tricks for you.
It was developed by the time that the first early Web Audio implementations shipped with Chrome.
The UI is a mess, as is the code, some stuff doesn’t work anymore. Maybe I’ll find the time to fix the broken stuff, but don’t expect anything but a relict toy.
But hey, maybe in 10 years or so this is a classic like is today.


PS: Use JSHint.