Featured Projects

As you will see in the following projects, I have already worked with a broad range of technologies, covering the full web stack. I pay attention to fresh but intuitive designs that attract people. I also happen to know a bit about Audio Signal Processing.

Niklas Luhmann Archive


A website (currently under construction) that shows the legacy of German sociologist Niklas Luhmann, including his famous file card system, containing more than 90,000 hand-written note cards).

Technologies: XQuery, XSLT, TEI, React, Node.js


A sequencer that allows you to create a custom background track for promotional videos, based on predefined audio snippets, that seamlessly fit together.

Technologies: React/Redux, Web Audio, Redux-Thunk


Moodmixer Screenshot

A webapp that allows to create and download custom musical pieces, based on predefined tracks.

Technologies: Web Audio API

CMDI Maker

cmdi-makerA customizable web app for easily creating XML files on the basis of handsome forms. It is used by linguists all over the world to generate metadata. The application provides the user with a familiar interface and environment.

Technologies: HTML/JS, XML, Node.js


beatsketchA web application for collaborative musical ideation.

Technologies: Web Audio, Web MIDI


An EBU R128 compliant online loudness and dynamics evaluator.

Technologies: Web Audio


stq2A German trivia quiz app about Star Trek.

Technologies: CakePHP, JavaScript

Emoji Piano

emoji_piano_screenshot_10_2016_2Share melodies via emojis.

Technologies: Web Audio